Spirit Guide Meditation: How To?

Spirit Guide meditation is an extremely powerful tool that helps you connect with the spirit entity that guides and protects you in this physical life. Your spirit guide connects with you and you can feel their presence in your dreams or in your daily life.

Their objective is to guide you through your physical existence – they may appear to you in dreams, or whenever you get an intrusive thought that feels like a message from above, or by sending you messages or “urges” to guide you in the right direction. 


Some people find it easier to connect to their spirit guide, while others might find it a little challenging. There is no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to connecting with your spirit guide – some people just need to apply a little extra effort to get there, while others find it easier and more natural. Either way, a spirit guide meditation is an amazing tool to connect with our higher guides in this lifetime. 



spirit guide meditation

So, what is spirit guide meditation? 


A spirit guide meditation is a very powerful way of connecting to our spirit guides and a beautiful practice of self-discovery. It is perhaps one of the most effective techniques for healing and reconnecting with the divine guidance.


A spirit guide is a higher being that is assigned to our individual souls in order to help us reach our greatest potential on this Earth. They gently guide us through life and its struggles, send us “messages” and “gut feelings” from above, show signs to warn us or to encourage our growth. People who are in tune with their spirit guides usually learn to receive messages from them, and learn to distinguish their messages from these of the other non-physical beings.


Being in tune with your spirit guides has a number of amazing benefits. When we are able to receive help and information from our spirit guides, we receive wise guidance from a powerful energy source that leads us to fulfilling our highest potential. We also feel more aligned and more “in tune” with the universe. In addition, being connected to our spirit guides helps us avoid wrong choices, gives us answers to questions that are important, and helps us make fewer mistakes by connecting us to the ancient wisdom. 



How to perform a spirit guide meditation?


While there are multiple ways to perform a spirit guide meditation, and while it might seem like too difficult of a task to achieve – there are some relatively easy and accessible ways to connect to your spirit guide. 


First, find a space that is both quiet and comfortable. Make sure to turn off your personal devices to ensure that the process won’t be interrupted. Your mind will easily find distractions at the beginning of your meditation session, so make sure that there are no more additional sounds, noises, smells, lights that could potentially distract you further. 


Then, light a candle and some incense. It is important to make the space as inviting to a spirit guide meditation as possible. It is a good idea to dim the lights in order to relax your mind even more and perhaps put on some gentle music to facilitate the relaxed state as well. When it comes to music, there are various options on the internet that are made to help you connect with your spirit guides. 


Now, sit down or lie down in a comfortable position. You can choose to close your eyes or keep them open – whatever feels most comfortable and “right” for you. If you find it easier to get into the meditative state with your eyes closed, and if it is hard for you to ignore the dimmed lights, then consider wearing an eye mask for the purpose of the meditation. 


Next, try to relax completely and clear your mind. This is a challenging moment. In order to get into the meditative state, it is helpful to focus on “nothingness” and keep your mind blank and free of any thoughts. Take deep breaths. If you do catch yourself entertaining a thought, simply acknowledge it and let it pass freely, while maintaining your focus. Don’t get discouraged if you notice some intrusive thoughts – maintaining your focus will get progressively easier the deeper you go into your spirit guide meditation. Let these thoughts slip in and out of your mind freely – remember that the awareness of a thought is not a thought in itself.


Another helpful exercise that you can use if you’re struggling with keeping your mind from being clouded with thoughts, is trying to focus on your breathing. As you deeply inhale, visualize a bright light, a glowing energy entering your lungs. As you exhale, release all the tensions and negativity from your body as the air leaves your lungs. Let go of any fear-based thoughts. Focus on this process and you will feel your body and mind entering a state of complete relaxation and silence. Once you have reached the point where your mind is blank and ready to receive, move on to the next step. 


Finally, it is time to make contact with your spirit guides and open yourself to divine guidance. Focus on the thought of being ready to make this contact, and the thought of inviting your spirit guides into the space that you have created for a conversation. It is important to be respectful, open, genuine and ready to be led and shown certain truths. Mentally prepare yourself for being ready to accept spiritual guidance. 


Another way to encourage a conversation between you and your spirit guide is to ask them to show themselves in your dreams. While you are performing spirit guide meditation, focus on the intention of meeting them in your dream. You can respectfully ask them to come in contact with you through a dream during a meditation, or you could form that intention right before going to sleep.


Remember that there are many types of guides, and your spirit guides can come in many forms: your higher self, the souls of your ancestors, animal spirit guides and more. Embrace the concept of spirit guides coming in various forms and be ready to deal with spirit guides that may look and feel different than what you may have envisioned in the past. Some spirit guides show themselves even as sparks of light instead of a “physical” being.


When you and your spirit guide are ready for contact, you will feel an energy shift around you and a presence in the room – they will announce themselves by offering you either a physical or spiritual sensation. At that point, you can start asking questions or asking for guidance or certain signs. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t get the necessary answers right away – they may take some time to manifest into your conscious mind from your subconscious mind, especially the answers to your biggest questions. The answers may come to you right away, or later in the day, or perhaps even throughout the week.


It is important to keep an eye out for the answers in the next few days following your spirit guide meditation – because they cannot communicate verbally directly to you, they will show you the answers and helpful messages in your daily life. You may overhear a piece of advice in a conversation of a stranger that fits your situation perfectly. You may accidentally notice a sign while walking down the street on your way to work. You may hear the answer in the lyrics of a song that you hear on the radio that feels like a message from above. These signs from your spirit guides will make themselves known to you, if you tune in and listen closely. 


Once you have asked your spirit guides for guidance or answers, rest assured – you are heard and the answers are coming your way. For now, thank your spirit guides and conclude the meditation. Slowly return to reality by gently moving your fingers, then slowly start opening your eyes. After the spirit guide meditation, take a little time to sit with yourself, absorb and internalize the information and the energy that you have received during your meditation session. 


In case if you are having some trouble connecting to your spirit guide yourself, you can try an audio meditation! Some people may find it easier to relax and let go while following instructions from a guided meditation. Below are a few great options if you would like to explore this type of guided meditation. Good luck on your journey of self-discovery and connection to your spirit guides!



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