Kundalini Mantras

Ide Were Were Nita Ochun – Goddess of Love

Ide Were Were complete lyrics:

„Ide were were

Ide were were Nita Ochun

Ide were were

Ide were were Nita Ochun

Ide were were Nita ya Ocha kiniba riita Ochun

Cheke cheke cheke Nita ya

Ide were were.”

Ide Were Were translation in English:

„Ochun is the Goddess of love,

Chant which speaks about a necklace,

Which is a symbol of the initiation into love.”

Oshun, also known as Oxum in Latin America, is an orisha, a spirit that reflects one of the manifestations of God in the Yoruba and Ifa religions. Oshun is the Goddess of sweet water and can be found where there is fresh water, at waterfalls, rivers and ponds.

Goddess Oshun exhibits all of the aspects associated with fresh flowing water: she’s lively, sparking, refreshing, vivacious. In addition, the Goddess is the defender of the poor, the mother of all orphans.

The Goddess Oshun is the one who brings them what they need in this life through periods of weakness or strength. The Goddess is the orisha of femininity, love, beauty and sensuality which leads many people to compare her to Aphrodite or Venus.

Goddess Oshun is also portrayed as a teacher, who taught the Yoruba mysticism, agriculture and culture.

It is said that „Goddess Oshun is generous and helpful, and very kind. She does, have a tempestuous and malevolent temper, although it is hard to anger her.”

Offerings to the Goddess include sweet things such as honey, oranges, mead, white wine, sweets, perfume or pumpkins. Her day of the week is Saturday.

Image source – ancient-origins.net

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