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Chant These Buddhist Healing Mantras For All Diseases

Words hold powerful healing vibrations. Thoughts hold even more powerful healing vibrations. This is why positive mantras or affirmations can be extremely beneficial.

In Tibetan Buddhism, there are many powerful mantras for healing. Even though you may not fully understand these mantras, the reality is that the more you recite them, the greater chance they will have to heal you.

Here is a list of Buddhist healing mantras:

#1 The Seven Line Prayer

“This prayer in seven vajra lines is the most majestic of all prayers to the great and glorious one of Oddiyana, the essence of all the victorious ones of the three times. Arising as the inherent vibration of naturally occurring vajra sound, it constitutes a great treasure trove of blessings and spiritual attainments.” Mipham Rinpoche


”Hung orgyen yul gyi nubjang tsam,
Pema gesar dongpo la,
Yatsen chok gi ngödrub nye,
Pema jungne shye su drak,
Khor du khandro mangpo kor,
Khye kyi jesu dak drub kyi,
Jingyi lab chir shek su sol, Guru pema siddhi hung.”

#3 Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha Mantra

Ksitigarbha is a bodhisattva mainly venerated in East Asian Buddhism and commonly illustrated as a Buddhist monk. His name may be literally translated as “Earth Store,” “Earth Treasury,” “Earth Matrix,” or “Earth Womb.” Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha is known for His sincere vow to take responsibility for the instruction of all sentient beings in the 6 realms between the death of Shakyamuni Buddha and the rise of Maitreya Buddha, as well as His vow not to achieve Buddhahood until all hells are emptied.

#4 White Tara Mantra

Goddess Tara’s name translates roughly as ”One Who Saves.” Tara is compassionate towards all living beings and has a heartfelt aspiration to prevent further suffering which has been described as stronger than a mother’s love for her children.

White Tara Goddess is an emanation of Mother Tara who is associated with longevity. One also calls on White Tara for strength, health, and longevity. She embodies the activity of wisdom and compassion.

She is also known as Samaya Tara, signifying ”Vow Tara.” This actually refers to Goddess Tara’s vow to save all living beings and also to our vow, which is a Bodhisattva vow like Tara’s.

Lyrics – ”Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ayuh Punya Jnana Pushtim Kuru Svaha.”

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